In preparation for a son

  1. Remain ready at all times and in all places
  2. Approach every opportunity to receive help
  3. Adopt the adventures of Robin Hood
  4. Avoid the culture of sports
  5. Honor all women at all times
  6. Treat all men as equals at all times
  7. Think about your own death only enough to prepare
  8. Be careful never to become too comfortable
  9. Borrow as little as possible
  10. Learn to sharpen blades
  11. Delight in good food and drink
  12. Find a trade and a bride and a place

Architecture as a verb

This past weekend, I had the privilege of participating in the first workshop offered by Umbau School’s new Studio Shenandoah in Staunton, Virginia. Umbau, which means something like transformation zone, is a school of studios—or places of focused study.

Dollars and sense

Whenever feasible, I’m an advocate of value-based pricing in creative work and particularly digital work. Having tracked and billed hours for many years, I understand the model and that it’s sometimes appropriate, but I think the future is fixed.

Device crippling

Smartphones come out of the box in full-on casino mode. They are pre-programmed to do everything they can to trigger your inner Neanderthal screen junkie. But it need not be so.

Cities ≠ human flourishing

Industrial and urban models were a requisite chapter in the story of human civilization advancing through the 20th century. It seems baffling to think that anyone should wish to continue into the 21st century in this same mode

Facebook’s best year ever

If you’re still a member, shift your thinking away from the everyone-you’ve-ever-sort-of-known to people you encounter with some regularity. At work, school, play and with proximity to your home. Map your social media network over the kind of real-world network you’d like to inhabit.