Device crippling

Smartphones come out of the box in full-on casino mode. They are pre-programmed to do everything they can to trigger your inner Neanderthal screen junkie. But it need not be so.

Cities ≠ human flourishing

Industrial and urban models were a requisite chapter in the story of human civilization advancing through the 20th century. It seems baffling to think that anyone should wish to continue into the 21st century in this same mode

Facebook’s best year ever

If you’re still a member, shift your thinking away from the everyone-you’ve-ever-sort-of-known to people you encounter with some regularity. At work, school, play and with proximity to your home. Map your social media network over the kind of real-world network you’d like to inhabit.

Race is racism

Race is a system of human categorization used for social engineering since ancient times. Racist ideologies need rails to run on. In my own thinking and small sphere of influence, I’m planning do my part to tear up the tracks—starting at the dinner table.