Table of Contents

Table of Contents

October 10, 2010 3:12 PM Comments are Disabled

Been thinking about the bare necessities — those objects of comfort and utility that we lug around all day every day. The things you really can’t do without. I emptied my hands and trousers and came up with the following:

1. BILLFOLD — Quite empty I’m afraid.

2. ONES — I feel oddly naked without a wad of small bills.

3. KEYS — To the house, office, motorbike and truck. Plus an indispensable screwdriver.

4. USB DRIVE — Loaded with the compleat works of Artie Shaw at the moment.

5. SAFARI PEN — By Lamy. Very possibly the perfect implement for daily use.

6. POCKET KNIFE — The Stockman by Buck. Granddaddy always carried one similar.

7. OBLIGATORY SKETCHBOOK — For the drawing of drawings and the noting of notes.

8. CLAIM TICKET — One of my horns is in the shop.

9. QUARTERS — The only coin I carry. Perhaps an artifact from the days of pay phones.

10. THERMOS — Well, technically the Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle. Because let’s face it, a cup in hand is worth five in the pot.

What’s in your pocket(book)?

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