One Way Ticket

craig_kyleOne of Einbahn’s own, Craig Williams, needs some help.
Just this week, he learned that his mom’s battle against breast cancer has come down to what’s likely to be the final months. It’s spread to her brain and the doctors are encouraging the family to gather to celebrate one last Thanksgiving together.

Trouble is, he’s in Los Angeles and his mom, Kyle, is here in Virginia. Craig and his wife are scrambling to sell what they can, pack what they can’t, and get back to the east coast as quickly as possible. I know times are tight and getting tighter, but I would ask you to consider helping them get back home. Overused, I know, but look at it this way: $2.50 buys you a cup of coffee. Alternatively, it could buy a gallon of gas for Craig.

Here’s the blog he’s set up for donations and more information. There’s also a group on Facebook if you want to show your support. Either way, please send up a prayer for Craig and his family.